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Construction Management Services

SAGE Golf Group Worldwide has extensive experience in the area of golf course and clubhouse construction management. SAGE has been involved in various areas of the development process of 28 of the PGA TOUR's Tournament Players Clubs. From the overall planning of the golf course, to the selection of the architect, to the hiring of the golf course contractor, to the design and construction oversight of all golf courses as well as vertical construction to include clubhouse, golf course maintenance facility and all golf course structures, as well as complete oversight of the financial management and construction process, SAGE Golf Group Worldwide has an extensive background and track record of success. The agronomy and grow-in expertise of the group will insure the correct grasses are chosen for each course and a positive grow-in will occur. SAGE has worked with many of golf's top architects and contractors, and has also worked closely with many of the finest developers in the country, consistently achieving positive results.
The menu of construction management services provided by SAGE Golf Group Worldwide include but are not limited to the following:
  • Complete Project Planning
  • Development of Project Budgets
  • Obtaining of Construction Related Permits
  • Golf Course Architect Selection
  • Clubhouse Architect Selection
  • Golf Course Contractor Selection
  • Irrigation Designer Selection
  • Clubhouse/Vertical Construction Contractor Selection
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Vertical Construction Design and Review
  • Day to Day Construction Management Oversight of Golf Course/Vertical Construction
  • Oversight of all Timelines and Schedules
  • Optimization of Project Budget
  • Financial and Project Reporting to Owner/Developer
  • Total Project Quality Control  
  • Golf Course Grow-In